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Jerome Baker Designs
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About Jerome
Jerome Baker began his career in glassblowing back in 1991 when he met Bob Snodgrass. It was in Eugene, Oregon and Jerome was an eager student looking for ways to unleash his creative styles on the world. His eagerness to learn and natural abilities to create impressive pieces led him to create blown glass artwork for celebrities, rock stars and sports figures. His biggest achievement was creating a piece for His Holiness the Dali Lama.

Jerome has designed and built everything from small vessels to large scale installations in glass. His talent has taken him to Italy, India, Germany, Mexico, and all over the USA working with some of the glass blowing industry’s greatest artists. Jerome works closely with glass schools around the world creating new programs, updating techniques and is even a founding member of the Eugene Glass School in Eugene, Oregon. His passion for his craft and dedication to teaching others the skills of artisan glass blowers has made Jerome one of the leading glass blowers in the world and a true legend in the industry.

Our Story
Since 1991, Jerome Baker Designs has been at the forefront of design and creativity in the glass and canna industries. From humble beginnings in a cramped dorm room, to over 70 employees and a multi-building campus, JBD has grown and created a following in the glassblowing world. We now have over 25 satellite studios where artists can work comfortably and let their creativity flow and flourish. We focus on making the artists happy and self-sufficient which ensures that we get a wide range of different pieces, all done in very limited quantities

Our Values
With offices in Las Vegas, New York and Maui, Jerome Baker Designs creates custom glass artwork that his clientele are proud to display in their homes and offices. The style and vision that Jerome Baker infuses into his work is legendary and unmatched by any other artist. To say Jerome Baker’s work is more lifestyle than art form would be an understatement. JBD’s glassblowing techniques are revolutionary and his styles are in a category of their own.
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