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How Do I Sell On the JBD PAWNSHOP?

JBD PAWNSHOP takes 10% commission for selling your Authentic JBD. To offer your piece for sale on our site, you will need to setup a customer account HERE.

STEP 1: Send an email to jeromebakerglass@gmail.com with a required minimum of 5 quality images, a detailed description, and pricing.
You must also include a picture of you next to the piece (for "proof of ownership"), a copy of your ID, and your payment info (where you'll receive payment once item is sold). Note: PAYPAL is preferred. We will NOT post the picture of you anywhere on the site; we only use it for careful verification, to eliminate fraud, and to keep
the JBD PAWNSHOP buyers and sellers honest.

PHOTO TIPS: For a pristine photo, first clean your Authentic JBD using glass cleaner. A good camera phone will do the trick--be sure to clean the camera lense.
Go outside! The best time for taking pics of glass outdoors is early morning, before the sun rises directly overhead (bonus points for capturing a reflection of a blue sky in your glass piece).
Wooded, green, black, or floral backgrounds will make your item pop.
Shoot from all angles--get front, left side, right side, above and underneath views. Take detailed shots focused on unique points of the piece (Marbles, Millis, Worked Tops, JBD Stamps, Etc.)

STEP 2: We post your Authentic JBD on our site's PAWNSHOP.

STEP 3: Help us SELL IT! Use your favorite social media platforms to share links to our site and your product page. This will bring more traffic to your product page and increase your chances of a successful sale. Click Here to become an Affiliate and make more cash!

STEP 4: We inform you when your Authentic JBD has sold. You must safely and securely pack your piece, ship, and provide a tracking number within 24-48 hours of sale. Failure to do so will result in your account being revoked. *We do not cover shipping costs and insurance and signature for delivery required

Authenticity and Valuation: If you would like to submit to your JBD for certification please visit the ART GLASS CERTIFICATION GUILD. AGCG is a team of artists and enthusiasts that want to preserve art glass history and to provide a voice with a reputable certification process for the art glass industry.

***This will be a BETA TEST for the remainder of the year. Lets see how it goes. OG JBD's preferred. NO FRAUDS. You will be reported as a fraud and an asshole. All items will be posted on a case by case basis. Feedback appreciated on how we improve this process and make it as smooth as possible for all parties. Please PACK and SHIP your item carefully; you will not be paid if the item arrives damaged, and the customer will receive a partial refund minus our commission. Thanks in advance!